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Together with you, we achieve excellence.

We believe that our employees are one of the key elements of our success and deserve attractive working conditions favourable to their professional and personal growth. This is what SICPA provides to employees right from their arrival, when an integration programme is established to support their smooth incorporation into the company.


We continuously provide training to our employees so they can develop their business skills. In our dynamic and international environment, our teams’ skills are key to our future success.



Open Positions

We are devoted to excellence. Therefore we seek professionals who can bring together their expertise, creativity and proactivity. SICPA seeks individuals whose enthusiasm, team spirit and flexibility are natural gifts.




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Interested to launch an exciting career with SICPA but not sure yet in which capacity? No worries, submit a spontaneous application and become part of a growing talent pool which is regularly reviewed and classified by SICPA’s dedicated Talent Acquisition team. See you there!



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