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Continuous Improvement & Certifications

SICPA's mission is to build on its leading position as an independent and trusted partner to anticipate evolving security needs and develop solutions that bring value to our customers and protect their interests. We innovate continually to enable trust by developing reliable, secure and technologically advanced solutions and services for identification, traceability and authentication.

Our business requires us to guarantee our customers, personnel, neighbourhood, suppliers and other interested parties:
  • that our activities are reliable in terms of security, safety and environmental protection
  • that our products, processes, installations, and the services we provide are of the highest quality
  • that we contribute to economic sustainability
In strict compliance with legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements that SICPA has undertaken as part of continuous improvement and prevention measures, the company uses a Management Framework including 3 Divisional Integrated Management Systems which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards.


We are committed to ensuring that our customers have no complaints, to continuously improving customer satisfaction and the conformity and performance of our products, services and processes. 


We are committed to preventing all safety-related accidents and threats to the health of our employees, visitors and external contributors, and to continually improving the management and performance of occupational health and safety.


We are committed to preventing all environmental accidents, to continuously reducing our significant environmental impacts as far as possible and to continuously improving environmental management and performance.


We are committed to ensuring the highest level of security to protect our employees and assets, our information, our skills and expertise in compliance with laws and regulations in force and to the benefit of our customers.
Each of these commitments is stated in our strategic objectives, key factors for success, targets and action plans.