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Constant innovation is an essential factor in staying ahead of developments in counterfeiting and illicit trade.

Our aim is to innovate in a way that brings benefits to society as a whole.

Over the past half century we have built a reputation as an innovator through our pioneering work to develop new techniques and products such as water-wiping intaglio; the non-interleaving printing process; the first optical security feature for the general public - OVI® colour-shifting ink; high-performance silkscreen and offset printing inks for the security printing industry; SICPATRACE®, a fully integrated optoelectronics and software-based system for tracking & tracing and for supply chain control; the introduction of environmentally-friendly inks.

Initially, we developed our security and authentication systems for central banks and security printers. Today, this unique body of expertise also serves governments and businesses. Our investments in research and development have produced new generations of solutions in the fields of optical security, global traceability and machine-readable functionality.


We further invest in the development and integration of new technology to deliver the most adaptable, robust and cost-effective systems for product and supply chain integrity.


Innovation at SICPA - Ink Laboratory