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In 2015, the SICPA group acquired Global Fluids International (GFI), a long established leader in fuel marking with its system, the most advanced and fully integrated in hydrocarbons, lubricants and bio fuels marking, mixing and tracing system for Governments and the oil industry. 
SICPA-GFI is established at SICPA HQ in Lausanne benefiting from SICPA R&D capabilities and support, a powerful basis for the further development of fuel marking technologies. 
Governments and oil companies face growing threats offuel theft and tax evasion- SICPA-GFI's integrated system addresses loss of excise revenues and sales of adulterated, stolen or smuggled fuel and crude oil.
SICPA-GFI extends the range of the SICPA Group’s product marking and ‘track and trace’ portfolio. We aim, to continually enhance our offering to our clients to enable them to fight  tax evasion and illicit trade of excised products.