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SICPA Product Security, LLC Working with the Commonwealth of Kentucky on Electronic Tobacco Tax Filing Solution to Increase Efficiency

Springfield, Virginia, 21 February 2017
SICPA Product Security LLC announced today that it is working with the Commonwealth of Kentucky on their Electronic Tobacco Tax Filing System. “We are honored to be partnering with the Commonwealth of Kentucky on the implementation of their Electronic Tobacco Tax Filing System,” said Alex Finkel, SICPA Product Security COO.

SICPA supports Dubai Strategic Initiatives

Dubai, UAE, 22 August 2016
Dubai Municipality and SICPA, leader in traceability and authentication solutions, sign a contract to reinforce food safety and consumer health protection in Dubai.

Interview: tobacco traceability, fighting illicit trade.

Prilly, Switzerland, May 31, 2016
Interview with SICPA Group’s Director of Corporate Affairs Christine Macqueen.

UNICRI report: "The role of anti-counterfeiting technologies in increasing governments' and citizens' safety"

Prilly, Switzerland, February 29, 2016
The UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute) has produced a new study highlighting the positive impact of anti-counterfeiting technologies for supply chain security.

California extends cigarette Tax Stamps contract with SICPA

Prilly, Switzerland, January 19, 2016
The State of California has elected to extend its contract with SICPA as its provider of state-of-the-art pressure-sensitive cigarette tax stamps through SICPATRACE®, SICPA’s Encrypted Stamp and Services Platform. The contract will continue to be executed and serviced by SICPA Product Security, LLC and Meyercord Revenue, a SICPA company.

SICPA acquires new marking capability for Oil & Gas

Prilly, Switzerland, January 1, 2016
SICPA is pleased to announce today the finalisation of its acquisition of Global Fluids International (GFI) from the Canada based Eurocontrol group.

Tax Stamp Forum 2015

Prilly, Switzerland, November 16, 2015
This year's Tax Stamp Forum took place in Miami, FL, USA from 11 - 13 November. SICPA was present in collaboration with Meyercord as a diamond sponsor and actively participated with a booth and a speaking slot.

The cost of illicit trade is worth 650,000 million dollars a year, a figure similar to the cost of drug trafficking.

Madrid, Spain, October 2, 2015
An interview with SICPA Spain Managing Director, Martin Sarobe.

SICPA congratulates the Albanian Customs Authority for a successful "Do Clean Business" campaign

Prilly, Switzerland, June 2, 2015
SICPA congratulates the Albanian Customs Authority on the positive impact of their ''Do Clean Business'' campaign. The campaign, launched in March 2015 - targeting and monitoring the distribution of exciseable products such as alcohol and tobacco – has already proved to be a success.