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SICPATRACE® is an independent, multi-product, multi-functional system that provides visibility and accountability of national production and imports of products, such as: tobacco, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, as well as food and soft drinks.

This secure cutting-edge technology platform is implemented for governments to secure both product and supply chain integrity and improves the efficient recovery of tax revenues and protection of consumer health.


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Secure Marking
For each unit, the SICPA Data Management System generates a unique reference code that is applied either on a tax stamp or directly on the product during the manufacturing process; tax stamps contain multiple material-based and information-based security levels, including overt, semi-covert, covert and forensic layers.
Production Control
Following application on the product, each code is activated by SICPA on the production line, allowing on-line production control.
Distribution Control
The codes are scanned as the products move along the supply chain. Each scan sends encrypted data to the Data Management System which aggregates details of the product’s path until final point-of-sale.
Government enforcement field inspectors identify and trace the product with the SICPAMOBILE® handheld audit device, which securely authenticates and reads the unique code in a single swipe. Audit findings are recorded in the Data Management System.
Business Intelligence
The SICPATRACE® reporting, business intelligence and risk profiling platform enhances the effectiveness of governments’ law enforcement and tax planning programmes.
Global Control
By design, the SICPATRACE® system is inter-operable with existing government systems; it is complementary to the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), or other trade facilitation and cross-border control systems based on efficient data interfaces.