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Meyercord Revenue Inc.

Meyercord Revenue Inc., a SICPA company, is the leading U.S. provider of excise tax collection solutions that help government and law enforcement agencies reclaim lost revenue, close state budget gaps and protect jobs and essential public services.
Founded in 1894, Meyercord Revenue has been providing excise tax stamps to U.S. states for more than 60 years and represents a reliable, consistent supply of high-quality, highly secure, counterfeit-resistant tax stamps for the protection and collection of vital tax revenues. Currently, Meyercord provides this service to 46 U.S. states. In its history, Meyercord Revenue has produced and shipped over 5 trillion stamps with an unparalleled level of success.
Meyercord Revenue offers a variety of excise tax-related services and solutions for government and industry. Currently used for tobacco tax collection, Meyercord Revenue’s solutions are also applicable to OTP, cannabis/marijuana and alcohol. In addition to manufacturing three types of highly secure tax stamps (heat-applied FUSON® stamps, encrypted and pressure-sensitive SICPATRACE® stamps, and banderoles), Meyercord Revenue offers services for tracking and tracing products, authenticating merchandise, and ordering/shipping tax stamps direct to the distributor. 
Meyercord Revenue’s commitment to security is underscored by its certification from the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO). On June 8, 2005, the Meyercord Revenue facility was awarded a NASPO Class II Security Assurance Certificate and continues to meet all NASPO requirements for annual recertification of the credential. Meyercord Revenue is one of only 16 vendors globally to achieve this designation, which recognizes the use of best practices in risk reduction infrastructure, systems, and techniques that assure security.
Meyercord Revenue is also ISO 14298:2013 certified since April 10, 2015.



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