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Aggregation & Disaggregation

Aggregation is a packaging and logistics functionality which is used to create parent-child relationships throughout packaging hierarchy levels, and which is a starting point to follow each individually-identified item through its chain of custody.

Data integrity implies that the data on a physical package corresponds exactly to its digital mirror image stored in the information system database. It is critical when implementing aggregation. This means that the serialised data must be unequivocally accurate.


Furthermore, data integrity can only be ensured if the most advanced security for data transactions and storage is in place. 
Aggregation makes it possible to exactly identify the products contained in a box, a case or a pallet at any time. The GREENZONE® traceability platform incorporates aggregation and disaggregation functions. 
At the packaging level GREENZONE® manages the parent-child relationship, creating the genealogy of the different aggregation levels.

Packaging, repacking and exception management operations, which occur at many points of the supply chain, can be performed efficiently in a user-friendly manner. They make the movement and handling of products more visible, thus helping to build the history or pedigree of individual items.


Since GREENZONE® is compatible with multi-coding standards and is based on standard data transaction protocols, it facilitates interoperability between the supply chain stakeholders. All the participants in the supply chain can benefit from aggregation.
The GREENZONE® aggregation function can also be used to create an association between individual items and their respective documentation (e.g. safety, description or user notice), which ensures that there is a relevant match between the product and its related documentation.
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