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Field Inspection & Audit Tools

As part of our machine-readable authentication solutions, we provide a range of detecting means used to confirm the presence or absence of expected security features.

They go from simple authentication devices to more sophisticated hand-held readers with embarked time-stamping, geo-positioning and data transmission functionalities. Hence, our detecting equipment can not only provide an instant yes/no answer, but can also be used to collect data in the course of in-field inspections and audits. 

A dedicated inspection platform is provided to extract actionable intelligence from this data. The platform is a GREENZONE® module which can also be used as stand-alone.
The inspection platform can analyse authentication data but also traceability data arising from the reading of serialised and aggregated codes placed on items, boxes, cases and pallets.
SICPA also offers applications for smart phones authentication. Furthermore, some of our smart phone applications are specifically devised to foster Consumers – Brand Owners’ interactions and can be associated to a dedicated or existing website.

SICPA Product and brand protecion filed inspection tool