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Item-level Identification

Product identification can be carried out in two different ways: 

  • by direct on-product or on-pack coding
  • by application of off-line pre-coded labels on products or on packaging
SICPA offers integrated in-line and off-line coding solutions, encompassing code generation, code and label application, code quality control and activation. 
Our identification solutions have been applied in different industrial environments such as healthcare, food and beverage, fast moving consumer and luxury goods. 
GREENZONE® can be interfaced with existing business systems (e.g. ERP) and/or site/line levels. Whenever required, our item-level identification solutions make use of a serialisation- manager module integrated in our GREENZONE® platform to generate sequentially or randomly serialised item numbers. 
All these steps are managed, aggregated and synchronized by GREENZONE®
The unique codes applied to products and packaging can then be captured at any point in the supply chain to build the pedigree of the products. 
If products are aggregated in different logistic units such as bundles, cartons and pallets, all bearing specific aggregation codes, a parent-child relationship can be established to create a product genealogy at each logistic unit level. 

Our solutions are compatible with any type of data carrier, such as linear and 2D barcodes (e.g. ECC200, QR codes), SICPA proprietary coding systems and RFID.


Furthermore, our identification solutions support any type of inter-operable coding standards and enable our customers to comply with existing and up-coming product identification, serialisation and traceability regulations.

In the past 15 years, SICPA has built strong competences in digital coding technologies, through customer projects and internal innovation and development programmes. As a result, we have acquired a high level of expertise across industry sectors, as well as in secure, FDA compatible and standard ink formulation for applications on various substrates such as paper, cardboard, plastic polymers, glass, metals and any type of label materials.
Beside inkjet, we also integrate laser equipment for product and label coding.
The numerous benefits of item-level identification include:
  • Distribution channel control
  • Product traceability 
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Logistics issues management, e.g. recall management
  • Date management (shelf life)
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Anti-diversion
  • Regulatory compliance for product identification and traceability
  • Client loyalty programs