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Multi-national and medium-sized companies from all industry sectors invest a significant percentage of their revenue into building brand awareness and company reputation. In a globalised world, many of these companies are facing challenges which give rise to complex equations and paradoxical situations.

On the one hand, they are confronted by a growing regulatory pressure, which among other things aims at ensuring and strengthening consumer and patient safety while improving product quality. On the other hand, the increasingly competitive environment forces companies to seek cheaper alternatives. In many cases this results in the outsourcing of some of their activities to lower-cost markets, which increases the complexity of supply chains. Such an alternative often means losing control and visibility over the products for which they are liable, which is in stark contrast with the prime objectives of the regulations with which they must comply.


Several large companies have recently announced plans to outsource an even bigger share of their manufacturing. This calls for a strengthened visibility and integrity of supply chains.
Supply chain integrity is at the heart of ensuring consumers' trust in the goods they purchase. Highly publicised cases of counterfeits and product recalls, coupled with numerous recent examples of food-borne illnesses have had devastating effects on the incriminated brands and industry sectors. Since companies continue to invest a significant percentage of revenues into building brand awareness and company reputation, they can no longer neglect the impact of an insecure supply chain on those efforts.

Counterfeiting, product diversion, and thefts are on the rise and brand owners must deploy systems, technologies and solutions to provide visibility and control, not only in the Supply Chain but in the entire product value chain, from the most basic starting ingredients to the final consumer or patient.


SICPA provides tailored product and brand protection solutions and services to industry with the aim of ensuring product and supply chain integrity. Integrated and multi-layered authentication, anti-tampering, identification and traceability solutions are core elements in the offering.
Such solutions and services have already been delivered to companies in industry sectors as diverse as health and personal care, food and beverage, fast moving consumer goods, luxury goods and spare parts.
Recognising that R&D and innovation are critical drivers of technical enhancements, customer satisfaction and business growth, SICPA continuously invests in its core technology and in new technological fields, with the aim of delivering the most flexible, robust and cost-effective product and supply chain integrity solutions.