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Packaging Authentication

Authentication and protection of packaging can be performed in many different ways, directly on the packaging material or through the use of security labels.

Both methods can be used to complement each other. We offer a range of solutions and features to address primary, secondary and tertiary packaging protection. Such features can be incorporated in the packaging material, in the packaging artwork or in labels. They can be  chemical or graphical in nature and be detected using dedicated inspection equipment or smart phones. 

As a recognised leader and expert in the security domain, particularly in material-based fields, SICPA offers a range of solutions and features, visible or invisible, covering all security levels. In a multi-level approach, features can be combined to provide a global solution aimed at different stakeholders throughout the supply chain.
Additionally, SICPA has developed patented methods to store hidden information on products and packages. Security information is hidden in the packaging design during the prepress by computational operation; no other step or change is required. An application installed on a smart phone is used for product authentication. A first yes/no authentication is possible through data detection and decryption. A second level allows hidden information to be retrieved.
On-line authentication checks are possible through mobile network connections to a secure authentication server.

SICPA Product and brand protection label spanish wine