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Product Authentication

Our portfolio of product authentication solutions is composed of product analyses and biometry-based solutions, as well as in-product tagging and on-product marking.

This portfolio has been specifically developed to fulfil varying application needs while taking into account product or industry-specific constraints (e.g. FDA compliant markers, non-invasive and non-destructive techniques).

“In-product tagging” refers to the addition of a specific marker or taggant in a product. The product containing the marker can then be authenticated using specific in-line or hand-held detecting equipment also developed and engineered by SICPA.
“On-product marking” refers to the creation of a distinctive mark at the surface of a product. The mark may involve the addition of a marker, or a controlled or random modification of the material surface.

If a marker is applied to the product, it can then be detected using appropriate equipment.

“Product analysis” and “biometry” refer to the use and analysis of specific physico-chemical attributes of products and packaging, which create unique fingerprints. Depending on the product involved, those attributes can be of a very different nature such as chemical, optic or acoustic.
SICPA continuously develops methods and technologies to exploit these attributes in the most effective manner.