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Track & Trace

The central element of the serialisation and traceability solutions that we deliver is our GREENZONE® platform. It has been built using a service oriented architecture and is composed of business oriented packages in the form of ready assembled and interoperable modules.

The GREENZONE® base platform acts as a backbone, supporting these independent and complementary software modules, addressing different business needs.


GREENZONE® is an open, evolutionary, configurable and scalable framework with web-based interfaces, which orchestrates event-based traceability from packaging lines to final customers.
GREENZONE® has been designed to enable inter-operability while being compatible with multi-coding standards.
It can easily interface with other information systems, allowing data sharing between trading and supply chain partners, while providing full visibility across a supply network, and actionable business intelligence. 

Steps have been taken to ensure data synchronisation, reconciliation, accuracy, integrity and security.


GREENZONE® provides multiple benefits to manufacturers and other stakeholders:
  • It tracks and traces products along their life cycle
  • It captures and traces events and data
  • It detects and notifies inconsistencies in the supply chain
  • It enables faster, more targeted recalls
  • It improves supply chain visibility (internally and among trading partners)
  • It provides information for investigation in the event of legal proceedings 
  • It provides information on product turnover and client interests for targeted marketing