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Solutions and Services

At the core of SICPA’s security expertise are high-performance security ink & solutions that protect the majority of the world’s banknotes, security documents and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud.

The comprehensive portfolio comprises ink solutions developed for all printing processes employed in the security printing industry, as well as solutions adapted for protective varnishing and theft deterrence systems. 

SICPA security inks are distinctive solutions for all categories of target users – the general public, shopkeepers and cash-handling professionals, controllers and inspectors, automated systems, forensic investigators and issuing authorities. 
Committed efforts are made to ensure continual research, development and implementation of current security technologies, the upgrade of existing technologies and the introduction of new technologies for the next generations of banknotes and documents requiring protection against escalating counterfeit techniques.

The company’s technologies and services encompass the entire process of issuing documents – from the early stage of integrating security features through on-site production to post-issuance support. Central banks place trust in our advisory role while security printers value our all-time technical support. All partnerships with SICPA are characterised by long-term commitment and reliability.

sicpa fluorescent security inks